Wet Carpet Restoration Sydney

24 Hrs 7 Days Sydney Wet Carpet Restoration for over 20 years has provided emergency Wet Carpet restoration services, including wet carpet drying, wet carpet vapor steam and dry cleaning, water extraction and wet floor repair to Sydney CBD and all suburbs within 1 hour.

The wet carpet restoration process needs to be attended to immediately, to ensure the best possible outcome. Contact wetcarpet24hr anytime and the sooner you take action, the less severe the water damage becomes and the sooner a water damage professional can be on-site to begin the wet carpet cleaning and carpet drying services in all Sydney suburbs.

Once water has invaded a home, the damage can be much more than what lies on the surface. Not only can furniture, carpets, and flooring be destroyed, but mold can grow in a home which has not been properly cleaned and dried, thus causing health dangers for the family living inside. Unfortunately, this mold can sometimes go unnoticed for quite some time until it finally creeps out of the walls where it is living.

Wet Carpet Assessment

A Wet carpet assessment is crucial to identify the full extent of moisture damage, both obvious and unseen by utilizing sensors such as moisture detectors and pulling up the wet carpets, inspecting the shop-floor and underlay type which would provide comprehensive information on how to salvage the wet carpets, estimate the cost of carpet drying and/or a carpet replacement recommendation report. A moisture inspection and reading must be done to ensure the carpet and floor are completely dry.

To avoid a expensive carpet, floor and home contents repair cost, all furniture, rugs and electrical equipment must be relocated from the wet floor. If your carpet is wet by unsanitary water (black water), it is not salvageable and it is recommended to contact us to remove the wet carpet safely from your property and disinfect the wet floor.

Wet Carpet Restoration Sydney

Wet Carpet Restoration

Emergency wet carpet restoration includes a thorough water extraction from floor carpets and the underlay (pad) and sub-floor to remove all moisture. We have many different carpet water extraction tools that can be used to remove almost all the water from the flooded wet carpet. Water removal is followed up by a specialized wet carpet steam cleaning and wet carpets sanitizing using the power of vapor and heat. (Wet carpet cleaning must include treatment for anti-bacteria, anti-mold, anti-browning.)

Quick drying prevents a damp carpet smell odor and mold damage that is tough and costly to remove or clean out. There is very little moisture left in the damp carpet or pad after extraction. Commercial Air movers and dehumidifiers are set up to remove the last bit of moisture to completely dry out the wet carpet. For even faster drying we can use special heaters to make the dehumidifiers work more efficiently.

Wet carpet restoration service may also include wet underlay removal and disposal (water damaged underlay could not be cleaned), supply and installation new replacement underlay, carpet grippers and trimmers. After the carpet drying process completes usually after 2 days, carpet drying equipment would be collected from site, and all floor repairs, carpet relay and carpet re-stretching services provided if required.

Wet Carpet Restoration Tips

  • Do not think that wet carpet would dry on its own. If allowed to do so, even after weeks the carpet would be still wet and not only that it would be totally infested by mildew. Moldy carpet begins to give out a foul musty smell. The toxins spread by the mildews would cause allergic reactions to the inhabitants.
  • Do not think that carpet and wet area is dry, if wet carpeting seems dry from the surface. Timber sub-floor and the underlay could be completely wet, in similar situation stains and mold could be developed many weeks later.
  • Do not think that water removal and general carpet cleaning are sufficient to completely restore wet carpet. The drying service we provide is vital to salvage wet carpet free of stains and mold and to dry out the sub-floor, underlay, skirting, wall and water damaged content.
  • Do not think domestic appliances like vacuum cleaners (it is not made for water removal, and you may get an electrical shock) or heaters (it would speed up and increase microbial and mold growth) are suitable equipment to dry and cleaning up wet carpet.
  • Do not think you may ignore removal of standing water without repercussions, as carpet water removal is the most affordable service in wet carpet restoration. It is a very important action to take to achieve a satisfactory result and it is necessary even if you decide to replace wet carpeting. (if you prefer not to salvage the wet carpets,remove wet carpet ASAP and dry out area. )

We are not just everyday carpet cleaners who repair wet carpets on the side for some extra money. Wet carpet restoration is what we specialize in and we do it well.

Wetcarpet24hr provide free site inspection, itemized damage report, restoration quotation, covering all drying and cleaning cost and/or replacement quote for all not salvageable items.
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