Carpet Water Damage


If you have been the victim of a flood or a water leak, the result may be as small as a water stain or as large as a water damaged hallway or whole room which may be due to a washing machine overflow. In addition to this, a whole house or a couple of floors in a building may be damaged because of a pipe burst.

In any case, it is very likely that your carpet may have sustained some water damage and will require immediate restoration. Depending on the source of the incoming water, and response time, your carpet can be salvaged to its original condition without compromising your health and safety. For various reasons, you may decide to not keep the water damaged carpet (a possible reason could be it may be damaged with unsanitary water).

If you decide to remove the carpet water damage, it must be removed and disposed of as soon as possible before the cleanup and drying process of the floor begins.

Carpet Water  Sydney

These are the guidelines to which carpet water damage restoration companies follow to offer the best outcome and cost effective approach to salvage water damaged carpet.

Carpet water damage assessment:

  • Depending on the amount of water and carpet fiber present, in some cases it is possible to determine the magnitude of carpet water damage by inspecting visible water lines, however in most cases, water damage beneath the carpet, underlay and sub-floor extends further than the surface of the carpet.
  • Many water damaged carpet problems are caused by small clean water leaks, water penetration from adjacent neighbors, or small rain/storm damage which are often not detected by water damage victims until an unpleasant odor becomes severe.
  • In many cases carpet which has been water damaged by clean water with a completely clean appearance and dry surface may develop stains and mold after 4-8 weeks depending on the underlay type.
  • Wet Carpet 24HR/ 7 DAYS provides a free inspection of the affected area(s) with water sensing equipment such as probes and other infra-red tools in order to determine the source of the damage, and possible extent of area affected, underlay and sub-floor type and a restoration outcome prediction for Sydney residents.

  • Carpet water damage extraction

  • Regardless of the water source, carpet water damage can cause severe damage to a building structure and destroy its contents, resulting in expensive water damage repairs.
  • The most important factor in preserving your property and contents including carpet is an immediate removal of the water within a few hours.
  • Standing water remaining from any water damage is a breeding ground for micro-organism, in which a thorough water removal has a major role in a successful salvage and restoration process.
  • The removal of water from carpet water damage can be challenging with wet/vac in heavily saturated conditions, particularly if it contains a foam underlay.
  • A poor water extraction can more than double the duration of the flood damage drying process and potentially destroy otherwise salvageable building components including carpet.
  • Carpet water removal is one of the least expensive and primary service for a carpet water damage restoration and carpet drying project, yet it has the potential to drastically alter the overall time and success of the entire carpet water damage restoration process.

  • Carpet water damage cleaning

  • Water damage carpet cleaning is the first step after removal of all loose water from carpet, as wet carpet develops bacteria and it becomes the ideal habitat for microorganisms and insects.
  • In addition to this, water will leave marks on carpet in which the markings color and intensity relates to the water source present (sometimes clean water can be dirtied by unclean surfaces like laundry floors before damaging the carpet), and depond on the maintenance level of the carpet prior to water damage.
  • Water damaged carpet will develop brown stains depend on carpet backings (which may also need to be cleaned) and the padding type and condition. Also, some stains and even rust may develop if rugs, furniture, and other items are not removed from the water damaged area. All stains left by water damage are removable in the early stage of damage
  • Any type of carpet water damage (even wool carpet) can be completely stain free clean and salvaged. The most important factors are to clean water damaged carpet before it becomes completely dry and to remove the underlay especially if it is made of JUTE. If you wish to salvage water damaged padding then keep the carpet separated from the underlay until the carpet is completely dry, to prevent it from staining.

  • Carpet water damage treatment

  • Carpet water damage cleaning differs from regular carpet cleaning. It includes treatment for bacteria, mildew and browning and therefore, specialized anti agents must be utilized.
  • Water damaged carpet must be deodorized until the drying process proceeds to completion to mask the odor the damp carpet drying process. If the water damaged carpet underlay is not removed without continuously deodorizing, a very strong odor will be present.
  • Wet Carpet 24HR provides a specialized Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning service, this method is the best way (combined power of concentrated dry vapor, high heat, high pressure and rotary brushes) to remove grime, bacteria, germs, and mold spores and provides a sanitized and hygienically clean water damage carpet service for Sydney all suburbs.

  • Carpet water damage drying

  • The best way to dry water damaged carpet is to lift up the carpet, remove and dispose padding, and install the Carpet Dryer underneath the carpet and sub-floor. This carpet drying method consistently provides excellent results, as carpets completely dry in less than 36 hours without any smell, stain or mold.
  • Water damaged underlay removal and carpet drying method is the only possible way to save a carpet water damage and prevent more costly damages in some water damage situations such as – houses with timber sub-floors (many Sydney suburban double storey houses, duplex town houses and semi-houses have timber sub-floor).
  • Water damaged jute or felt underlay must be removed for water damaged carpet which has not been restored within 48 hours of accident and has stains or unpleasant dampness and odor.
  • The disadvantage of water damaged underlay removal is the carpet may shrink, and the home owner may have to pay for a water damage professional such as us to relay and re-stretch the carpet and also pay for the cost of a new underlay replacement.
  • In some particular cases, water damaged carpet may dry successfully using carpet blower without the removal of water damaged underlay. This carpet drying approach may provide satisfactory results if the carpet is made of low density nylon, which has a rubber underlay and a concrete sub-floor. (many apartment building blocks in the Sydney CBD and suburb centres have similar conditions).
  • It is possible to dry small water damaged carpet from surface using carpet dryer which affected with clean water and has been immediately cleaned. is less than half of the cost of the previous method, however it takes longer to dry and there is a presence of odour while the carpet is drying.
  • The flooring in many houses and apartments in Sydney have a carpet with concrete sub-flooring and foam underlay. In this situation, it is recommended to remove the underlay to ensure a mold free carpet drying. however in some cases the carpet drying process may achieved without the removal of the foam underlay and the drying equipment may be set up to dry carpet with or without lifting up the carpet water damage. Although the foam underlay does not stain the carpet and has a minimal odor during the time needed for drying, it takes a very long time (up to 6 days) to dry which could create favorable conditions for mold growth.
  • In these situations, it is vital to remove the most moisture possible from the carpet underlay to reduce the time needed for drying. The drying time can vary due to the carpet fiber and density, the underlay condition and thickness, elapsed time since water damage, and the level of water saturation all of which play a significant role.
  • Carpet Water Damage Sydney

    Carpet water damage Repair

  • The greatest challenge for home owners after the removal of the underlay is to relay and re-stretch the carpet since it requires specialized carpet restoration tools. It is recommended to employ carpet restorers such as us, particularly if your water damaged carpet has shrunk, needs joins or is not flat and in some cases requires the replacement of carpet grippers and trims.
  • If for any reason the water removal, water damage carpet cleaning and most importantly carpet water damage drying process is ignored or not completed, you may end up with some minor repairs, such as: stain removal, replacement of sections of the carpet due to the presence of mold and/or some major costly water damage repairs such as replacement of water damaged and rotten timber sub-floors, entire carpet flooring, and the hire of Ozone Generators from us to remove odor from the house and your belongings.
  • In some cases water damaged carpet which has not been restored may extend damages to walls, skirting and furniture.