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Water Damage Home/Floor/Carpet/Timber Cleaning and Restoration

Water damage can occur to homes due to variety of reasons, ranging from the result of a natural phenomenon to things such as a burst pipe, a hot water system, a malfunctioning dishwasher, a leaky aquarium, and the list goes on. If you have wet flooring which has been saturated with water, do not make the mistake of thinking you can remove water and dry it out yourself. If the process is not done correctly and all the areas with water damage have not been identified and treated professionally, MOLD WILL GROW, and you will be faced with a far more costly repair.

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When recovering from water damage,wet carpets and rugs should be prioritized first as they can absorb a large amount of water and prevent the entire structure from drying properly. In addition, Carpet and underlay that have been soaked with water could contain high amounts of bacteria that present potential health hazards. Drying rugs and wet carpets as soon as possible is crucial to prevent mould from growing.

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In most cases, the underlay is virtually impossible to clean or salvage, therefore, it is often removed and replaced. Keep in mind that the sub flooring must also be dried out fast as well. This task often requires removing the floor covering to allow sub flooring to thoroughly dry out.

Long submersion may damage sub-flooring and if not treated immediately, the sub flooring will have to be replaced. This fact is most important when the sub flooring is made of wood. If not treated in a timely manner, the wood will buckle and wrap. Wood flooring absorbs water. This is harder to detect when the wood sub-flooring is covered with carpet.

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In most cases, different types of water (i.e. sewer vs. clean) and water damage response time will effect the decision to restore the water damage carpet or not. Wet carpets can usually hold water for up to 2 days. However, mould can start to grow within 24 hours. The value and age of wet carpet, existing condition and damages, underlay and sub-floor material, insurance policy are some of issues we consider when drying water damaged carpet.

The types of water are:
Clean Water (Category 1) – This is sanitary water and does not pose health risks. Clean Water comes from a clean source e.g. rain through the roof, burst pipe, overflow of bath with no soap, burst hot water system, fire sprinkler system.
(water damaged carpet and underlay may salvage)

Grey Water (Category 2) – This is water that is not entirely clean and pose some risk such as dishwasher and washing machine water.Grey Water comes from fish tanks, washing machines, dishwashers, bath with soap, punctured water beds.
(water damaged carpet may salvage, underlay must replace)

Black Water (Category 3) – Grossly contaminated water which can contain pathogens. Black Water comes from sewage, toilet back-flows, and all forms of sea water, ground surface water or streams.
Raw sewage is mainly gray or black water. It usually contains the organic waste and waste produced by household and industrial sources. Sewage typically contains everything from Soap to solid waste, industrial effluent and debris. It is discharged by drains and sewer lines. Unlike damage caused by clear water, the risks are higher, as the water is contaminated with bacteria. Porous materials, such as carpet, underlay, upholstery, etc. must be discarded as they will hold contamination and bacteria. Ceramic tile and vinyl may be salvaged if dried, cleaned and disinfected.
(Water damaged carpet and underlay must remove)
1. Removal and extraction of sewage.
2. Remove water damaged carpet and underlay.
3. Clean sub floor, bacteria treatment.
4. Clean damaged area with sanitizer and deodorants.
5. Dispose water damaged carpet, underlay and debris.
6. Set up drying equipment to dry wet area.
7. Repairs, inspection and putting up your property back to normal.

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