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Walls / Floors Tiles Grouts Cleaning (Dry Vapour Steam)

Our Hi-Tech DRY VAPOUR STEAM Tiles Grouts cleaning equipment which utilises Vapour (superheated steam), controllable Pressure and Heat, rotary Brush, Vacuum and Dryer, has the capacity to emulsify grease and disinfect, to loosen particles of grime from tile surfaces, grout lines and remove bacteria and mildew. The grime is then extracted with vacuum and dry within seconds leaving your tiled surfaces clean, sanitise with massive difference to the appearance and the odour of property.

Tiles grouts cleaning floors has always been regarded as a painstaking and tedious task; especially if the floor tile you are trying to clean is an open porous tile with a profiled surface. The problem is too many people simply don’t have the right tile cleaning equipment. Instead cleaners usually pretend to clean floor tiles with the old mop & bucket and hand brush scrubbing. While mopping might seem cleaning at first, after a while it simply coats the tile with a dirty recycled chemical laden water residue. This in turn leaves the tile looking dull, the grout lines looking filthy and The porous tile soaks and holds moisture until develops mold and your smooth floor look more and more rugged throughout years.

We provide dry vapour steam Tiles Grouts cleaning method:

Dual cylindrical brush scrubber is ideal solution for tiles grouts cleaning all types floor and walls tiles including safety floors and other profiled floor surfaces. Dry steam able to penetrate deep into the profiled surface, this is very effective for greasy / oily / soiled environments. This is due to high temperature dry steam that emulsifies soiling and leaves little moisture and dual cylindrical brushes that contain approximately 800,000 bristles are actively lifting out soiling. This soiling is then simultaneously extracted off the tiles surface into a recovery tank; unlike mopping that spreads it back over the floor. The result is hygienically clean floors and wall tiles with maximum grip levels.

Regular tiles grout cleaning with mop cannot keep bacteria, germs and grime out of your house or business. It is important to know how to clean grout. Even though many ways of cleaning grout, the best way to hygienically clean and sanitise, kill germs and get rid of all kind is vapour steam tiles grouts cleaning.

It also protects against colour and shine loose, and keeps tiles from getting broken by mildew, mould and moisture. Unlike wet mopping this cleaning method does not leave a coating of dirty water on the floor surface. Instead the highly heated and concentrated steam emulsifies the soiling on the floor and collects the grime. The result is clean and dry floors or walls in seconds.

Tiles Grouts Cleaning -dry-vapour-steam-cleaning-sanitising-tile-grouts-bathroom-kitchen-timber-vinyl-remove-stain-bacteria-mold-odor-smell-fungs-germ-oil-grease

Vapour Steam tiles grouts cleaning process is fast, effective and very affordable.

There is no disruption and no mess to your home or business during the cleaning and guarantees that all surfaces will be restored and cleaned to the highest standard available in the industry and can be arranged after working hours. Don’t waste unnecessary time cleaning tiles and grouts by hand, arrange our tile cleaning services, your floor tiles or wall tiles, bathrooms, kitchens will sparkle once again. Also, we offer steam cleaning all fixtures, fitting and equipments, such as countertops, showers, sinks, toilets, mirrors, ovens, canopy, cupboards, fridges, freezers…

By using the very latest in tiles grouts cleaning technology combined with over 20 years of experience of flood restoration and cleaning in Sydney we are able to extract years of grease, dirt, grime, bacteria, mould, and contaminants from deep within the pores of your tile and grout all types of tile and stone, such as slate, travertine, marble, granite, ceramic, stone, polished, porcelain, glazed and terracotta. You can trust that only power of vapour, will be safely and effectively clean, sanitize and restore your tile and grout surfaces back to their original beauty.

Steam vapour tiles grouts cleaning is also ideal and recommended hygienically method for cleaning surfaces and equipments of commercial properties and business. Such as restaurants, take away food shops, bakery, medical centre, GYM court, surgery, school, kindergarten and etc. We offer optional durable sealant to penetrate deep into the grout or stone. This sealant will hold for months, in order to help protect your tile or grout from spills and stains.

In recent years non-slip safety floors have become a lot more common, especially in wet areas, for reducing slips to improve OH&S. Most contract cleaners do not possess the right equipment to properly clean safety floors. Instead they try to use the traditional wet mop. Wet mopping is not effective on non-slip safety floors as the profiled surfaces are not cleaned and the often aggressive textured surface destroys mop heads. This is troubling for cleaners as floors safety floors must be cleaned well because if dirt builds up in between the ripples the floor becomes less textured, which means it provides less grip when wet.

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