Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Vapour Steam Cleaning & Sanitising Sydney

Our mattress dry vapour steam cleaning machine use +145ºC to +190ºC superheated 94% dry steam under pressure to effectively clean, sanitise and remove any stains from your mattress, vapour thermally emulsify soiling, decontaminate bacteria and penetrate into the mattress to deodorise and break down odours, simultaneously extracts grime using a vacuum.

We use chemical free, the most thorough steam cleaning system. The Vapour Steam cleaning is very effective to remove mould, stain, odour, bodily fluids, dead skin, dirt, fungal growth, dust mites and their eggs and excrement. Our steam cleaning method doesn’t include chemicals and anti-allergen which leave a sticky residue.

Mattresses vapour cleaning dries immediately and don’t cause shrinkage and over wetting. It cleans right down to the fibre and corners of your mattress removing harmful bacteria and leaving your mattress hygienically clean and healthy.

Believe it or not but mattresses are the piece of upholstery that really should be treated most. Most people get carpets cleaned annually but ignore the mattress they sleep, sweat, and do other things in for at least 8 hours a day. Instead the mattress is left untreated to be a haven for general dust, stains, odours, and parasites like dust mites or bed bugs.

The mattress can be one of least hygienic places in the home. Dust mites are unavoidably lurking in any mattress, causing symptoms of allergies and harbouring many germs. We offer a specialised mattress cleaning and sanitisation treatment for any type fabric and style throughout Sydney CBD and all suburbs at a competitive and affordable rate.

Many cleaners use water based anti-allergen ingredient is mixed with the main cleaning solution and applied directly to the upholstered fabric to eliminate the source of these allergies by eradicating dust mites, their eggs and excrement, which may extend drying time and may cause odour, mould and shrinkage.

How to vapour steam clean mattresses.

  • Before using steam, vacuum the mattress to remove hair, dry dust. This will prevent the moisture of the steam mixing with the dust to create unnecessary grime.
  • After vacuuming, spray dry vapour to mattress to loosen any built up and ingrained dirt from corners and treat browning stains.
  • Connect the triangle swivel or upholstery head with absorbent microfibres cloth clamped, to the steam hose to collect dirt on fibre or vacuum.
  • Start cleaning on the sides of the mattress as they generally contains less soiling. Clean in long slow passes to allow steam time to emulsify grime, decontaminate, and penetrate into the mattress to deodourise.
  • After completing the sides repeat the same cleaning process on the top of the mattress.
  • If there are stubborn stains these may require some agitation with brush/steam head to break up.
  • When the cloth gets quite wet or dirty replace with a fresh one to ensure better results.

Why to steam clean mattresses

Dustmites are just some of the things lurking in your mattress; Dustmites come from a variety of sources and are found anywhere there is dust. Medical evidence points to the fact that exposure to these dust mites may trigger a lifelong allergy and can develop very serious chronic and life threatening illnesses if they continue to be exposed to these allergens.

Mattress contain small scales of skin that humans and animals shed, Pollen entering the home from outside, your own body creates humidity as you breathe and perspire and mould (fungal) spores in damp areas. Trying to remove dustmites or bedbugs by vacuuming have a limited effect, it has proven that steam and high temperature is only way to kill bacteria and hygienically clean, sanitise and treat mattress.