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Kitchens Cleaning Sydney- Commercial & Residential Kitchen Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning

Kitchens Cleaning Sydney provide steam cleaning system that is ideal for fast hygienic Kitchens cleaning and degreasing of all types of kitchen surfaces. as +165ºC super-heated 94% dry steam melts grease, oils and fats without producing much excess residue. Once emulsified the residue is simply removed simultaneously by vacuum.
Steam is great as the high temperatures melt grease fast and thermally surfaces on contact. Steam cleaners are especially popular for degreasing canopies or ovens, detailing stoves, sanitising benches and cool rooms. This is best method kitchens cleaning and sanitising (Detergent free) for food shops, restaurants and food manufactures.

Kitchens cleaning is a time consuming and messy task that very few people would enjoy completing. This is because kitchen surfaces are usually left quite greasy after cooking with oil, fat and food residues. With the importance of food safety, keeping kitchen surfaces clean is vital. Traditionally kitchens have been cleaned by the use of scrubbing, chemical degreasers and disinfectant sprays.

Vapor steam kitchens cleaning will remove oil, filth, bacteria, odor and, eliminates the need for degreasers, prevents residue falling to floor, reduces manual scrubbing and sanitize.

Canopies / Filters vapour steam cleaning: Canopies and filters should be cleaned on a regular basis to help keep them grease and odour free and functioning properly. Traditionally canopies have been cleaned with a man on a ladder, spraying hazardous chemicals and scrubbing by hand. This is simply not an effective or OH&S friendly method. We recommend cleaning canopies safely from the ground with high temperature dry vapour steam which completely clean and dry without leaving any mess.

Ovens / Stoves vapour steam cleaning: Traditionally ovens have been cleaned with manual scrubbing by hand and harsh oven degreasers. This method though has been messy, time consuming and known to leave nasty chemical smells in ovens that can last for weeks or transfer to food. Thankfully with technology improvement there are now far better methods to clean ovens.

We offer dry steam kitchens cleaning system that reduce cleaning time, eliminate use of degreasers, destroy grease, oil and dirt while it is sanitizing. Our Hi-Tec equipment with many brushes and accessories provide easy cleaning of the oven ceiling, oven walls and heavily soiled oven racks.

Cool Rooms / Freezers / Fridges vapour steam cleaning: It is recommended every six months; undertake a thorough cleaning of your fridge / freezer to keep it odour-free and hygienic. To clean and remove scuffs, stains, grease and odours odour (unpleasant odors develop, either from improper storage of food or from spoilage) from lingering, you must turn the temperature control off then unplug your fridge, remove all food (store perishables in a cooler), discard out of date items and place uncovered foods in airtight containers and remove shelves, racks and drawers.

Kitchens cleaning Dry vapour steam method is ideal for hygienically cleaning and sanitising PVC Plastic, Glass and Steal used in the fridges exterior, door seals, and interior (plastics used for interior drawers, shelves of the refrigerator are easily stained by berries, fruits, and other coloured foods and absorb and retain odors) and eliminating airborne bacteria, mould and enhance the air quality by removing unpleasant smells.

Bench top / Fittings / Shelves vapor steam cleaning: Cooking oil could easily travel inside kitchen to granite / steal or timber bench tops, timber cupboards, and all fixture and fittings such as sink, tap, lights, wall, etc. this oil residue and dust mixture develop stains, mold and unpleasant odor, which could travel to other rooms. Dry vapor steam kitchens cleaning is only method to clean and sanitise old residue from these surfaces without causing any damages.

Kitchen Floors steam vapor cleaning: Most of houses and commercial properties in Sydney have tiles as kitchen flooring, at the same time some prefer vinyl, cork, and timber kitchen flooring. Regardless of flooring material, kitchen area need more cleaning than other rooms. Dirt trapped in the pores of your tile, grout, joint can cause your surfaces to look dark and dirty and can be impossible to remove with traditional kitchens cleaning methods.

Why spend hours cleaning on your hands and knees when you can trust us to safely and efficiently sanitise and clean your kitchen area in no time at all. With our advanced cleaning equipment and techniques we can remove years of built up dirt, contaminants and grime from your tiled / cork / vinyl / timber flooring area leaving you with a beautifully clean and fresh floor. You will be amazed at the results.

Kitchens Cleaning Sydney
Tips to clean fridge
• Scuffs and stains can be removed by rubbing with non-abrasive tooth-paste.
• Grease spills will succumb to a little lemon juice and water.
• To remove odour spread baking soda out on shallow pans and put pans on shelves to absorb odors.
• Using a soft sponge, wipe down all surfaces with a solution of 2 cups water and 2 tbs bicarbonate soda.
• Rinse with warm water then dry with a clean cotton towel.
• Leave door open and let it air out well, with a fan directed toward inside.

Kitchen cleaning Tips and Trchniqus