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WetCarpet24hr offer encapsulation dry carpet cleaning service with amazing results. The latest European technology scrubber/heater and solvent based dry cleaning polymer solution used to remove stains and dirt. Dry cleaning restore the original chemical balance in your carpet leaving it looking brighter and cleaner for longer.

The Encapsulation Carpet Dry Cleaning process includes:

Vacuuming carpet with a pile lifter commercial-grade, high-performance vacuuming system is essential before and after the encapsulation process in order to leave the carpet as clean and healthy as possible.

Encapsulation machines have a solution tank with a shower feed device that dispenses solution into cylindrical brush that agitates solution into the carpet. Encapsulation machine use counter-rotating cylindrical brush system because agitation, heat and the function of the polymer-based chemistry are the keys to crystallizing the soil for easy removal.

The polymer solution dissolves, suspends and emulsifies the soil; the brushes used to dislodge soils from the carpet yarns. The polymers will dry brittle with the soil and oils surrounded and ready to be vacuumed away within minutes after the application and proper agitation of the cleaning solution.

Some other advantages of the Encapsulation Carpet Dry Cleaning system:

  • No wet smell, No shrink, No stretch, Carpet clean and dry immediately, Drying time is approximately 20 minutes, Encapsulation Carpet Dry Cleaning uses 90% less water as compared to steam cleaning method.
  • The built-in fibre protector polymer which improves soil resistance. It basically coats the clean fibres and helps prevent soils and stains from sticking. This means encapsulated soils will vacuum away more easily, Extends the life of the carpet fibre , will stay cleaner for longer and regular cleaning of the carpet becomes easier and quicker.
  • No detergent residue and eliminates discolouration from wicking, browning and rising stains, The Encapsulation carpet dry cleaning system remove more stains than any other process and removes harmful germs, bacteria, and other fungi from the carpets.
  • Improves indoor air quality, Non-Toxic and Non-Caustic.
  • Safe on wool, nylon, synthetic and all natural fibres.
  • Biodegradable and meets environmental standards, low VOC’s.
  • Simple, safe, clean equipment and easy to use system, Super Quiet.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Sydney 24 hr

The carpet encapsulation method is ideal for…

  • Low to heavy soiled carpets, domestic and commercial carpets and applications.
  • Areas that require very fast drying such as: Offices, shops, hotels, homes.
  • Carpet tiles and commercial carpets with oily stains and heavy soiled traffic lane.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Polymers Vs Steam Cleaning Chemicals

Some traditional carpet cleaning chemicals and methods leave a sticky or greasy residue on the carpet which means carpets take longer to dry and re-soil faster because they attract dirt therefore increasing maintenance time and costs. These traditional chemicals work through surfactant molecules that attach themselves to the dirt and oil particles. This process suspends the soils so that they can be easily rinsed away and is often referred to as emulsification. The problem comes when all of these chemicals are not completely rinsed away and remain as a residue in the carpet.

Encapsulation carpet dry cleaning polymers locks and crystallizes each particle of the dirt and prevents it from sticking together and repels other soil. The crystallized dirt and oil particles after agitation with scrubbing machine rise to the surface of the carpet and are easily removed with normal vacuuming.

There is no soil attracting residue, and the quick dry method makes the carpet usable within a very short period of time. A very thin layer of polymeric layer is left behind, and that protects your carpet from getting soiled again for some time and your carpet is protected. This process helps carpets stay cleaner because it does not leave behind a layer of sticky residue.

Similar to carpet protectors, encapsulation cleaning leaves the fibre in a state where oils and soils have a more difficult time attaching to the carpet fibres. However, regular vacuuming is required to keep the carpet looking fresh. With each vacuuming session, carpet appears more fresh and clean.

Encapsulation carpet dry cleaning is a true minimum-moisture method that crystallizes oils and soils. Some dye and old acid based stains cannot be removed with general carpet cleaning systems and require specialised stain removal processes unique to that stain.