Carpet Cleaning

We offer carpet cleaning (dry vapour steam method) for commercial and domestic carpet cleaning. The latest technology Stem Cleaner / Scrubber / Washer / Dryer will maintain high pressure dry steam which gets in deep to the fibers of carpet to clean, sanitize and dry by removing grime particles, bacteria, dust mite and mold spores. power of dry steam, high heat, rotary brush, dryer will make your carpet hygienically clean and disinfected, this amazing advantage sets this cleaning method apart from the traditional ways of cleaning carpets.

The high pressure steam (vapor) has been scientifically proven to kill bacteria and dust mites. It will also neutralize other allergens. The steam cleaning machines does not use heavy duty chemicals in its operation. This is environmentally friendly method to clean your home or business and is safer for your family since a lot of chemicals used for cleaning the household tend to trigger allergies. It uses the power of steam and rotary brush technology to clean so you don’t have to worry about the potentially damaging effects you could have with harmful chemicals to your family, home or environment.

Many Sydney residents prefer the warmth, comfort and sound proofing that you get with carpets, If you have carpets in your home or business then, you are fully aware that, it is a much difficult to keep carpet clean in comparison to other floor coverings. Carpet easily become dirty and absorb dust mites, fungal, and Pollen causing symptoms of allergies and harboring many germs. The floor steam cleaner only uses water and a powerful brush technology to clean. It means that you do not have to use those harmful chemicals and anti-allergen. Vapor cleaning will remove all kind dust mites and bacteria which do have the ability to disinfect while cleaning your carpet floors in an safe way which isn’t harmful to your loved ones.

Carpet fibbers are notorious for soaking up liquids that are spilled on them. Things such as a cup of coffee or glass of red wine & other liquids are bound to leave a permanent and stubborn stain. Not only are the stains in carpets from the result of spilled liquids unsightly but the moisture trapped within the carpet can result in the built up of mildew and mold growth. These mold are not a nice thing to have in your home and bad for you health. Steam/Va pour cleaner release a dry steam vapor which removes the stain or mold without leaving the carpet wet. Not only will the carpet be free from stain and bacteria but also odorless and the steam cleaning will remove bad smells and enhance the air quality of your property.

Canterbury Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Cleaning carpets in a commercial environment can be tedious tiresome work, not to mention an OH&S issue if the incorrect machine is used. Also many cleaners use chemicals, which is often a less effective method if the chemicals are left behind in the carpet fibers to attract dirt and some carpet cleaners over wet, not agitate commercial carpet ignoring felt underlay and fiber of carpet flooring. When this occurs stains often reappear within weeks of cleaning, leaving the carpet dirty again, carpet may develop mold and unpleasant dampness odor. Our Vapor Cleaner / Floor Scrubber / Washer/ Dryer have outstanding abilities to clean and sanitize the carpets and leave them very dry and doing so without leaving any sticky residue.


  • Concentrated dry steam kills bacteria and dust mites
  • High heated steam neutralize all allergens
  • Power of steam to clean not damaging chemicals
  • Dry steam and heat to sanitise and disinfect
  • Steam, heat, brush to remove soiling, grease and stains
  • Dry immediately without any moisture
  • NO over-wetting, NO dampness smell, NO chemical residue

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning: Cleaning and treatment of wet carpet is different to general carpet cleaning for few reasons, The most vital difference is carpet installed on top of underlay and depend on carpet fibre, cleanness water source, underlay (padding) material and respond time may develop stains, mildew and odour. Wet carpet cleaning must include treatment for bacteria, mold, odour, and watermarks, at same time, many carpet cleaners trained clean carpet after vacuuming, but if you have flood damaged carpet, the dust and the dry dirt which should have been vacuumed before cleaning is mixed with water and mud has been created. Many carpet cleaners use more water to be able remove stains and the result is over wetting the carpet, which transfers stains from wet underlay to carpet and increase chance of odour, stains and growing the mildew.

Vapour steam cleaning unlike general carpet cleaning which works to a certain extent but it still leaves all that dirt and grime in the fibers, cuts through stubborn grime, mud, bacteria, mold, leaving a clean and completely disinfected, odourless working and living environment. ( wet carpet may need drying and water damaged underlay replacement services to achieve successful restoration outcome and salvage water damage carpet)

Carpet Tiles and Glued-Down Carpet Cleaning: Many commercial properties have carpet tiles or glued down carpet floor coverings, In similar situation cleaning carpet with wand and water extracting method is useless, carpet tiles has rubber backing and installed without any underlay (padding) behaves like hard flooring and require agitation to achieve thorough cleaning. Carpet tiles and glued down carpets, which glued on subflooring may react to excessive hot water by transferring not removable water based adhesive stains to surface of carpet. Low moisture vapour cleaning/scrubbing method approved to be best way to remove grime and bacteria from high traffic glued carpet coverings.

Flotex Carpets Cleaning: Flotex Carpets are impervious backed textile floor coverings that are popular in Australian commercial facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, shops and schools. This popularity is due to the 80 million nylon fibre density per square meter that makes Flotex basically crush/ware proof and highly resistant to staining. A normal vacuum cleaner will not operate effectively due to the Flotex carpet nylon backing and fibre density. The nylon fibres in Flotex flooring should not allow stains to penetrate meaning that most soiling can be shifted with plain water and agitation. One of the only negatives associated with Flotex is cleaning as the incorrect equipment is often used.

With the rubber backing Flotex carpets are completely waterproof and dense nylon fibres make it almost stain proof. This means that heavily soiled Flotex carpets can be scrubbed like a hard floor. The steam cleaner / scrubber is the perfect machine for restoring Flotex carpet, With specialised dual cylindrical brush design the machine can scrub, wash, sanitise and extract in a single pass, with water alone, no chemical or detergent is needed This means that aged and heavily soiled Flotex can be restored in minutes. (Given the high fibre density and solid backing of Flotex, hot water extraction units with wand are not very efficient and effective)

We provide an exceptional dry vapour steam cleaning method for carpet, tiles, timber floor, rugs, upholstery, kitchen, bathrooms, mattress, leather, suede. The low moisture means that your carpet and floor ready to use almost immediately after cleaning. We use European manufactured carpet steam cleaning / scrubber so we can get at the root of the problem, deep in your carpet pile. High pressure vapor is injected deep and removed in a single pass for amazing results. And for the toughest stains such as pitch mud or grease, we use high pressure steam, aggressive agitation and extraction to break free dirt and grime ( steam cuts through grease and stubborn catering grime ), and we can do it all in a single visit! Your carpet will look and smell as fresh as the first day you bought it.

With over 20 years experience in flood restoration and cleaning we have been provided vapour steam cleaning, water damage restoration, drying and repair services for Commercial, office and industrial properties, homes, apartments, cars, Schools, child care centers,, kindergartens, nursing homes, churches, community centers, fitness centers, gyms, medical & health centers, doctor surgery & waiting rooms, shops, pubs, clubs, cafes, hotels, motels, backpacker accommodation in Sydney all suburbs.