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Dry Vapour Steam Bathrooms Cleaning Sanitising Sydney

We provide Dry Vapour Steam Bathrooms cleaning systems that are ideal for fast hygienic cleaning and degreasing of all bathroom surfaces. Steam is great for bathrooms cleaning as the high temperatures thermally sanitise and melt soap, mould or body fats with ease.

High pressure concentrated steam and the brush is used to lightly agitate the stubborn grime. As steam does most of the work, the brush only needs to lightly contact the surface, steam to melt grime, destroy mould spores, sanitise and deodorize, than vacuum used to remove dirt and wipe cleaned and dry with microfibre pad.

Bathroom cleaning is one of those chores that, although it never takes too long when done regularly, very few people enjoy completing. This could be related to the fact that bathrooms have traditionally been cleaned using the old spray and wipe method with strong chemical disinfectants. With evermore people developing allergies to or wanting to avoid chemical disinfectants; steam is becoming a popular alternative.

We offer emergency 24 hours dry vapour steam cleaning in Sydney CBD and all suburbs for houses, apartments, offices, business and commercial properties.

BATHROOMS CLEANING- FLOORS Using the Steam Floor Scrubber steam clean the floor tiles. Steam will emulsify the soiling, brush will agitate and vacuum will collect the grime .Cleaning tiled bathroom floors with steam will also prolong the time it takes for the grout lines to become heavily soiled as minimal water residue is left behind.

BATHROOMS CLEANING- WALLS Using the Steam Triangle Swivel Tool with brush or cloth clean the shower recess and bathroom wall tiles. Starting from the top and working down in sideways motions. The heat of the steam will melt grime or soap scum and the vacuum or microfibre pad will collect the grime. If the bathroom walls are heavily soiled use the Triangle Swivel brush with bristles exposed to break up grime more efficiently and wipe with a cloth.

BATHROOMS CLEANING- FITTINGS Using the High Pressure Dry Vapour or/and Brush clean around the basin, taps, drain with attention to plugs , hand rails and mirror. After steaming use vacuum or cloth to collect grime and dry.

TOILET CLEANING- Using the High Pressure Dry Vapour or/and Brush detail clean the toilet water chamber, lid, seat, rim, inner bowl and outer s-bend.

Bathrooms Cleaning Sydney 24 hr

Bathrooms Cleaning