Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning Sydney

Steam Cleaning and Sanitising Sydney

We offer DRY VAPOUR method one of the most advanced steam cleaning service, latest equipment, Over 25 years of experience and knowledge of how to clean floor,wall, ceiling, carpet, tiles, vinyl, timber, upholstery, curtain, and sewer water damages.

NO Grime, Stain, Smell, Bacteria, Dustmite, Mold, Grease, Chemicals

Dry vapour steam cleaning method removes dirt while cleaning and sanitising at the same time. By cleaning at 150ºC, 8 bar pressure steam and brush on every millimeter of the surface it touches, releasing dirt and dissolving grease. The residue left is only pure water (damp not wet) which will vacuumed and dry quickly.

It deep cleans in a non-destructive manner by using latent heat and moisture to open the microscopic “pores” contained in most solid surfaces – even glass and metal – where chemicals can’t reach trapped dirt or stain particles.


    Sydney Dry Vapour Steam Cleaning Services

  • Carpets Cleaning: Carpets of all types( wool, nylon, carpet tiles, flotex) are deep fibre dry vapour cleaned, sanitised and deodorised and are dry enough to walk on almost immediately. The look of the carpet is also improved by raising the nap and removing stains.
  • Hard Floors Cleaning: Dry steam cleaning hard floors of all types (ceramic, timber, mosaic, marble, safety) steam also removes the build up of engrained dirt and mould from grout and joints to leave floors much cleaner and sanitised.
  • Kitchen Cleaning: Stoves, ovens, working surfaces, ranges, cooker hoods, fridges and floors can be hygienic dry vapour cleaned and remove all grease and grime without using harsh and dangerous chemicals.
  • Bathrooms Cleaning: Steam clean and sterilise toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, tiled walls, floors and all fixtures, high temperatures thermally sanitise and melt soap, mould or body fats with ease.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: Vapour Steam cleaning any types of upholstery fabric including cotton, wool, polyester, suede, leather and any furniture items including the sofa, lounge , dining chairs, cushions.
  • Water Damage Cleaning: The combination of high pressure concentrated steam, heat and rotary brush has been proven to hygienically clean and sanitise, kill bacteria and dust mites, cuts through grease and stubborn grime, It will also neutralize other allergens and odour. (Wet Carpet fibbers are notorious for soaking up liquids, water damage carpet may require carpet drying service)
  • End of Lease and Offices Cleaning: Complete home home floor, walls, ceiling, fittings, doors, windows and appliances, also office filling cabinets, tables, desks, seats, floors, in-fact almost every item of office furniture can be cleaned and sanitised to look like new.
  • Windows & Mirrors Cleaning: Dry Vapour steam clean and sanitise windows, doors and mirrors without smears or streaking.
  • Curtains & Blinds Cleaning: All types of blinds, drapes and curtains steam cleaning without removing. Superheated dry steam under pressure to emulsify surface soiling, decontaminate, deodorise and remove creases.
  • Mattresses Cleaning: Dry vapour steam is ideal for cleaning, stain removal, deodorising, break down odours, and thermal disinfection of mattress all kind textiles.
  • Leather & Suede Cleaning: Dry vapour steam cleaning is ideal method for cleaning leather and leather upholstery. Superheated 94% dry steam under 8 bar high pressure to emulsify surface soiling, decontaminate, and deodorise without over wetting the leather.
  • Rugs Cleaning: Dry vapour steam cleaning and sanitising any fibre modern and antique rugs.
  • Vehicles Cleaning: The inside and outside of vehicles including cars, boats, caravans and motor homes can be quickly cleaned including all upholstery, floors, mats, windows, mirrors and even the engine can be spot cleaned.

benefits of DRY VAPOUR STEAM cleaning:

  • Concentrated dry steam kills bacteria and dust mites
  • High heated steam neutralize all allergens
  • Power of steam to clean not damaging chemicals
  • Dry steam and heat to sanitise and disinfect
  • Steam, heat, brush to remove soiling, grease and stains
  • Dry immediately without any moisture

It sanitizes on contact by killing bacteria, mould, mildew, fungus spores, and other microscopic organisms with high heat. It is a proven system in maintaining a sanitary and allergen-free environment.

The steam cleaning machines does not use heavy duty chemicals in its operation. It uses the power of steam to clean so you don’t have to worry about the potentially damaging effects you could have with chemicals.

Many cleaners use chemicals, which is often a less effective method if the chemicals are left behind in the carpet fibers to attract dirt. Independent tests show a reduction in the amount of cleaning chemicals used compared to other cleaning methods, by up to 90 percent.

Our steam vapour cleaning method also combat the dirt you can’t see, they destroy allergy-causing dust mites , and steam away salmonella and other types of bacteria. Our equipment manufactured by industry leaders, with a professional range of innovative steam cleaning machines and accessories that enable to deal with a broad spectrum of steam cleaning chores.

providing cleaner, healthier, and drier environment for you

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